Garage Sale

For Sale

To any interested parties.

Here are a few quick notes about the offer:
  • The domain comes with the perfect applicable web applications* designed exclusively for garage owners.
  • You will get full ownership of the domain. It will be transferred to your domain registrar of your own choice.
  • The web applications are under license.
  • Web hosting is not included. You can choose your own web hosting company that offers MYSQL and PHP services or redirect your existing website to point to it.
  • You will not have to purchase any other products with this.
  • This is a single transaction, no later up-sells or re-bills.
  • Your personal information will not be sold/traded/disclosed to anybody, your privacy is safe.
Fully functional with:
mysql database

For testing purposes, username: test

For those who may be interested in ONLY the web applications on this website they are availabe under rules and regulations.

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